In the early 1980’s, Rand-Whitney acquired a recycled boxboard mill, enabling the company to be self-sufficient in the recycled paperboard grades used by the Packaging Division. In the Container Division, beneficial partnership in a world-class recycled linerboard mill provides high performance raw materials. These interests allow Rand-Whitney’s customers to take full advantage of the growing need for recycled environmentally friendly products.

Today, Rand-Whitney produces and ships corrugated displays, shipping containers and folding cartons to a variety of industrial and consumer end-users. Some of these end-users include manufacturers of consumer electronics, cosmetics, computer hardware and software, communications products, photography, appliances, toiletries, automotive products, giftware, lighting toys and games.

Throughout the company’s modern history, Rand-Whitney has grown and prospered. This prosperity has been built on the strength of the company’s family values and on the guiding principles of service, quality, and innovation. The results are generations-long relationships with major customers and a loyal workforce that is committed to the Rand-Whitney approach.


The Rand-Whitney Group traces its origin to 1857. In that year, Mrs. Elvira F. Dodge started a company making folding cartons in her home in Leominster, Mass. In 1938, Whitney Box of Worcester, Mass. acquired Dodge Paper Box, forming the modern company. The combined entity was named Rand-Whitney.

From the beginning the company has prided itself on family values. Rand-Whitney seeks to provide its employees with a good compensation package and work environment in return for quality work. The company strives to foster a family atmosphere, encouraging employees to bring family members into the company. As a result, several generations of families are employed.

During the 1970’s and 1980’s the Kraft family dramatically increased the size of the company through the introduction of innovative products, the acquisition of strategically related companies, and an expanded sales effort. In 1972, Rand-Whitney pioneered high quality litho-laminate packaging in the US. The company is recognized as the industry leader in the E and B flute business, which combines the graphic excellence of lithography with the strength and protection of corrugated.

In the 1970’s, Rand-Whitney also perfected the technique of combining various coatings to improve the gloss, rub resistance and “cosmetic” feel of packages. International Forest Product's (IFP) start-up in 1972 assisted the expansion of Rand-Whitney’s sales effort from a regional focus to one of international scope. Today, Rand-Whitney and IFP ship to every major continent in the world.


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