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Rand-Whitney is vertically integrated with it’s own 100% post consumer waste linerboard mill which provides an opportunity for our customers to use a very high percentage of post consumer waste to package their products. In 1995 Rand-Whitney constructed a new world-class recycled linerboard mill. This 900-ton-per-day plant is the world’s first paper mill to use 100% recycled water in its operation. Used mainly by corrugated box manufacturers, the linerboard produced here is significantly stronger than comparable virgin linerboard. What’s more, it provides a printing surface far superior to most of today’s domestic recycled linerboard. The depth of investment in equipment and construction makes this project one of New England’s largest manufacturing developments of the decade.

Through the use of recycled (sustainable) fibers Rand Whitney provides a sustainable solution for the packaging products supplied to our customers. Increased Recycling of paper waste is a key element in today’s drive for a cleaner environment. Our mission is to produce high quality, corrugated paperboard to meet the increasing demands for environmentally friendly products and address our customer's obligation to be socially responsible for the environment.

To accomplish our corporate goal, we use a wide variety of quality raw materials and apply modern production techniques. We believe that with the recycled mills that listen to their customers and produce high performance, quality board will succeed in the decades ahead.

“Closing the Loop” Rand-Whitney’s Sustainability Initiative

Through the utilization of sustainable resources Rand Whitney’s three major divisions prove to be a viable model to the packaging world. The loop opens when waste is purchased from our customers. This waste is converted to linerboard which we then use to manufacture recycled corrugacted product. These are supplied to our customers ultimately “closing the loop” of Reduce, Recycle and Reuse.

Rand-Whitney Recycling and Collection Services

  • Collecting baled old corrugated cases (BOCC) from our customers to be recycled
  • Provides Rand-Whitney Containerboard with supply of post consumer waste

Rand-Whitney Containerboard

  • Rand-Whitney’s 100% post consumer waste linerboard mill
  • Uses in excess of 800 bales per day of (BOCC) (approx. 400 tons) from our customers and consumers who recycle back into paper.
  • Reutilizes 100% post consumer water and paper.

Rand-Whitney Container

  • Four divisions in New England provide our customer base with a working sustainability solution of 100% post consumer waste packaging, which is environmentally responsible and conserves enery resources.

There are hundreds of waste paper dealers across the United States who purchase old corrugated containers and sell them to paper mills as raw material. To sell your used corrugated, check the yellow pages under Waste Paper, or contact the American Forest and Paper Association, which publishes a directory of waste paper dealers and recycling centers. You can also call the Corrugated Packaging Council at (847) 364-9600.

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